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The Tendrel of Bokar Monastery
Connecting People
around the World
By Roger Edwards
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Book Preview

Preview Roger's book, The Tendrel of Bokar Monastery by clicking on the above link. 66 pages of color photographs taken over several years, depict the many different connections people from around the world enjoy with the monastery and with each other. Half the profits will be donated to Bokar Monastery.

What's in a Name?

Tendrel is a Tibetan term that cannot easily be translated with a single word. It is made up of 'ten', meaning support, plus 'drel', meaning dependence and conditionality. Tendrel implies that all phenomena are linked with each other and dependent on each other; that nothing exists on its own, uninfluenced by anything else.

I hope that my images capture something of our relationship with the subject, and with each other.

-Roger Edwards